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We all have our vices, even with our hair; with constant heat styling, colouring and exposure to external aggressions, our hair experiences different levels of damage which can be light, medium or severe.  L’Oréal Professionnel now has the solution; Introducing new PRO|FIBER by L’Oréal Professionnel; initiated in salons with an at home program designed to improve hair quality and health with continued use. True hair repair is now no longer temporary.
Repairing damaged hair is one of the biggest demands in women’s hair care; with 58% of women saying so.* After 15 years of research and 15 patents**; L’Oréal Professionnel unveils the first repairing treatments to rectify, restore and reconstruct weak and damaged hair.
PRO|FIBER is the brands most technologically advanced hair care program to date. Powered by APTYL 100, L’Oréal Professionnel’s most sophisticated formula to date; PRO|FIBER begins with an in salon service using a concentrated dose of APTYL 100. The health and quality of damaged hair is restored and then maintained with a prescribed at home care range (12 products, 3 different formulas) and an intensive at home treatment program. When combined, the in salon service and at home care boost the repairing properties of APTYL 100 to optimal levels with each shampoo, up to 4 shampoos.  PRO|FIBER is the creation of an incredible undertaking by L’Oréal Advanced Research: to create hair care with longer lasting effects to meet one of the biggest demands for women. 
PRO|FIBER was developed thanks to L’Oréal Advanced Research’s unique understanding of damaged hair, exceptional formulas developed by L’Oréal Laboratories and the essential expertise of L’Oréal Professionnel hairdressers. The brand has highlighted three stages of damaged hair:
Stage 1: only the cuticle is affected;
Stage 2: the cuticle and cortex are both affected;
Stage 3: the cuticle and cortex are very damaged.
Thanks to a thorough understanding of this new hair damage mapping, L’Oréal Professionnel has especially designed 3 specific PRO|FIBER ranges adapted for each hair damage stage: RECTIFY, RESTORE, RECONSTRUCT. These ranges offer a targeted response to each of the damaged hair stages, for matchless results.
PRO|FIBER has been formulated with L’Oréal’s exclusive combination of unique active ingredients, which lastingly penetrates the hair fibre and locks in hair-repairing actives for unparalleled and visibly lasting results. The fibre is like new from root to tip, as if it had never been damaged.
PRO|FIBER is a new generation of long-lasting hair care, available exclusively in L’Oréal Professionnel salons in Australia.

After years of intense research on damaged hair, L’Oréal Advanced Research laboratories have developed the most sophisticated hair care technology to date: the APTYL 100 molecular complex. The first ever technology capable of lastingly locking in molecules within the hair fibre; A long-lasting efficacy never achieved until now at L’Oréal.
In the past, most of the beneficial hair care effects were eliminated in the first shampoo. Thanks to the AUTO REGENERATE APTYL 100 Long-Lasting Care Activator, the molecules are now sealed deep into the hair fibre during the in-salon treatment. The APTYL 100 molecular complex can then be reactivated for up to four washes and recharged at home, again and again. This patented* technology, which is unique to L’Oréal, is the result of 15 years of research and fundamental discoveries on hair and its structure.
APTYL 100’s performance: instant in-salon regeneration, at-home reactivation for up to 4 shampoos with extended results up to 6 weeks with the 6 RE-CHARGE monodoses. The fibre is like new from root to tip, as if it had never been damaged.
APTYL 100 owes its performance to the unique combination of two molecules:
Aminosilane, a silicium compound, is known for its ability to not only rebuild the cortex deep down but also reinforce the hair structure by recreating a 3-D network. L’Oréal Advanced Research teams are the only experts to have looked into the potential of using the sol-gel process in cosmetics. Patenting this technology has therefore enabled them to develop Aminosilane, which can penetrate the hair more deeply through nanometric gaps in the hair fibre. The molecule has a mineral part which forms a silicic framework to create a 3D network. The second part is organic and anchors the molecule firmly in the hair fibre. When applied to hair, it penetrates the hair’s structure through the cuticle to the cortex. Its long-lasting action is even more effective on damaged hair.
An exceptional cationic polymer acts as a sheath, covering the hair’s surface in a protective film, leaving a soft and silky feel. Furthermore, this highly cationic polymer is loaded with positive charges, which means it is attracted to negatively-charged areas of damaged hair. The result of a meticulous selection process at L’Oréal Advanced Research’s laboratories, this molecule stands apart thanks to its high cationic charge, which gives it an affinity for damaged hair.
By combining Aminosilane with a unique cationic polymer, L’Oréal Advanced Research has, for the first time, paved the way to a new generation of long-lasting hair care.
The extraordinary APTYL 100 molecular complex can be found in the AUTO REGENERATE Long-lasting Care Activator designed for professional in-salon use, as well as in the RE-CHARGE Monodoses for at-home application every 4th shampoo. The complex locks onto the hair fibre for an unprecedented lasting effect.
IN-SALON: REGENERATE. Long-lasting Care Activator
Targets all levels of cuticle and hair cortex damage. Offering immediate efficacy, intense restructuring and strengthening of hair cortex, including cuticle resurfacing.
AT-HOME: RE-CHARGE. Anti-damage Extension Treatment
Targets all levels of cuticle and hair cortex damage. Formulated to prolong salons results for up to 6 weeks. Box includes 6 monodoses.

*Source: Top Ten Women 2013 – Ranking Hair Need gaps
**Pending patents
***Out of the 15 PRO FIBER patents, 7 pending patents are specific to the Regenerate Long Lasting Care Activator